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Nude Year Festival 2009/2010

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For their services to Haulover Beach & Naturism, plaques were dedicated & installed at the beach Jan 1, 2010 honoring:

Marion Hagans (recipient of 2009 TNS Baxandall Naturist Leadership Award)

Beverly & Tom Barden


The event was covered by The Weather Channel and WTVJ-6 Miami with national distribution to NBC affiliates.

Left: Interview with SFFB Chairman Emeritus Bruce Frendahl & Shirley Mason of B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation.

Media only: for info or interviews contact Shirley Mason at 866-29-BEACH or by email. For high-resolution event photos, contact Michael Kush by email.

Media Release
January 4, 2010 — Haulover Beach (Miami Beach), Florida

What’s the most extreme way to celebrate New Year’s Eve?
According to Trip Advisor, it’s shucking your clothes under a full moon on the beach. Trip Advisor comments

And that’s exactly what a couple hundred of nudist/naturists from all around North America paid to do on New Year’s Eve 2009 at the clothing-optional section of Haulover Beach, (Miami Beach) Florida.

The event, which actually spanned three days, was sponsored and promoted by B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation Institute, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit community-based Program Partner with Miami-Dade Parks at Haulover Beach Park. B.E.A.C.H.E.S. raises funds doing similar events and at its mini-concession at Haulover Beach in order to provide needed capital improvements, programming and amenities for public beaches.

All the senses were satisfied at this event. The celebration began with six professional drummers leading the group drum circle around the multiple bonfires while fire twirlers did thrilling fire-breathing performances entertaining the guests. A sumptuous clambake dinner with all the trimmings and a full bar filled that desire. A casino dealer taught card games, card tricks and told jokes for those with that interest. The DJ spinned hits of yesteryear, while guests danced well into the night.

The big question mark, of course, was the weather. Florida in winter is known for its occasional cold fronts sent down from up north, and nudists react naturally to them by—you guessed it—putting on clothes. But Mother Nature came through beautifully with an 81- degree day and balmy 67-degree overnight weather under a full “blue” moon reflecting on the calm Atlantic waters.

The setting was completed with dozens of tiki torches scattered throughout the beach and makeshift tent city, and lots of icicle Christmas lights adorning the chickee huts and canopies. Attendees enjoyed a champagne toast at midnight, watched fireworks from area cities and roasted marshmallows to make S’mores. As all their vehicles were locked safely in the parking lot, there was no “drinking and driving”—all were safely tucked in their sleeping bags by about 2 am.

Being the first “overnight” event held on the beach, park officials were understandably concerned that such a party had the possibility of getting out of hand. They needn’t have worried because the report by off-duty police officers hired for the event indicated no incidents of any kind all night long. And the naturists abided faithfully by their adopted “Naturist Etiquette”, which spells out specifically about appropriate behavior on a public beach. Over the 18 years naturists have held events at Haulover, there has never been one problem.

The event continued on New Year’s Day with a full breakfast and mimosas. There were professional massage therapists with both tables and chairs available all day, meditation and a tai chi workshop took place in the morning. The regular beach crowd mixed in well and danced to more DJ music.

On January 2nd the day was sunny but a quite a bit chillier conditions delayed the opening of the Continental breakfast and bar. Event participants and beach-goers found the hot-buttered rum as the featured drink of the day quite a welcome treat.

Many kind comments have been received from participants, some of which are posted on the right along with photos.

B.E.A.C.H.E.S.' Executive Director and "Mother of Haulover Beach" Shirley Mason remarks:

“Floridians have taken their beaches for granted and don’t realize that it is our beaches with the warm waters and sunshine that is the draw for tourists. Skinny-dippers are a huge untapped recreational market who will come and enjoy our beaches and spend their travel dollars to boost Florida’s economy if a few designated miles are provided for their use. It’s a recreational choice and the same as designating golf courses, marinas and tennis courts.”

“I have enjoyed seeing Haulover’s clothing optional beach provide millions of people this innocent pleasure over its 18 year history -- and knowing that it has brought an average of 900 million tourism dollars each year to this community over the past ten years has been a source of personal accomplishment for the place I call home.”


   Event Photos:

• Photo Album by David Baum

• Photo Album by Gary Hufford

• Photo Album by Larry

   Guest Comments:

"When we heard about the inaugural New Year’s Eve camp-out & party at Haulover Beach we knew we had to find a way to get there. Three months of planning and 2,150 miles of driving later we found ourselves ‘back home’ on one of our favorite pieces of land on the planet. We were not disappointed either. A big ‘Thank-you!’ goes out to the planners of the event. We enjoyed every detail - right down to the weather that was perfect for a couple of cold-blooded Coloradans”  —Tammi Mayfield and Steve Leady (Denver, CO)

"Thank you so much for this great event. We were blessed with great weather on the first two days and that is wonderful. Cindy and I are from Jacksonville and make the trip down several times a year. This was extra special! I know it is a ton of work for you and your staff. We thank you! Great work!" —Mario

"Shirley, we had a great time. The weather was perfect as you say. We are home in Jupiter now and the weather is cold here also." —Richie

"I was there in spirit and did my annual freeze-your-ass New Year’s Day swim here at Wreck Beach. Actually, my 42nd year! I may just be tempted to join you next year. My legs still are making me walk like an emperor penguin! Great work, folks! Happy Nude Year!"  —Judy Williams (Vancouver, BC)

"The New Year's Eve campout was fabulous! I have never been to a better New Year's Eve celebration...the volunteers all worked hard to take care of us. It was great to sleep on the beach and wake up to a serene sunrise. The food and drinks, along with the drummers and campfire made for an enjoyable evening. Count me in for next year!" —Terry

"We enjoyed the whole event immensely. Thank you, Gracias, Merci! Love and Peace." —Gale & Frank of Back-Rubs To Go, Inc.

"My wife and I would like to thank you for giving us a memerable new years. We could not ask for a better night, with the moon, temperature and lots of nice people. We are looking forward to more overnight events. Thanks again." —Abel and Elizabeth

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful new year's eve. We had a great time over the three days at the beach. We are looking forward to the next event. Again thanks for a most wonderful new year's and the time you spent planning the event."  —Chrissy & Jason

"Happy 25th anniversary and congratulations on a fabulous event! All the long hours and hard work by everyone on your team really paid off. This was the best New Year’s Eve we’ve ever had, and we are world travelers from way back. There was so much attention to detail – from the tiki torches that lit our way from our tent to the entertainment area, to the delicious fresh seafood dinner (nothing fried – everything cooked to perfection) to the Jamaican drummers and fire dancers, to the tent and air mattress rental option, to the great attitude of everyone who came out to help – this was an amazing event that we will keep in our hearts forever. What a way to kick off the new year! The wonderful weather - to include the spectacular blue moon that lit up the whole beach and made the waves sparkle like diamonds – was the perfect backdrop to the great planning and logistics management that we observed during our vacation there. Even our drive back to Tampa Bay was great fun – we spent most of it calling friends to tell them what they missed. Too bad for them! Count us in for the next campout at beautiful Haulover! A billion thanks!"  —Deb and TJ Hedding

In Appreciation:

A very special “thank you” to those individuals and companies who donated products, items and their time and service to help make this event a success as well as affordable.

We encourage you to consider patronizing those who help us, help Haulover.

Beach Ambassadors & other beach volunteers:
Dave Baum, Bill Chandler, Paul Friderich, Ron Gables, Ruth Lesler, Clyde Lott, Richard Mason, Shirley Mason, Norma Mitchell, Ted Mozino, Mike Reynolds

Chairs & Tables:
Park Dept., South Florida Free Beaches, Paul Friderich, Dave Baum, Mel King

Fire Pits:
Judy Leslie, Norma & Doug Mitchell, Ted Mozino

Dry Ice:
Consolidated Carbonic (305-633-7449)

Mel King, Shirley & Richard Mason

Kelly Fishing Fleet (Haulover Marina) • Café Azul (Haulover Marine Center)

Bill Chandler, Shirley Mason

Massage Service:
Mel King, Mel’s Mobile Massage (954-245-8335)
Touch by Lady V

Martina Moenarovaj

Official Photographers:
David Baum,
Gary Hufford
Beachmaster Photography

Tai-Chi & Qi Gong:
Norma Mitchell

Wrist Bands & Wood for Fire:
Sunsport Gardens Naturist Resort

Donors to B.E.A.C.H.E.S. for umbrella chickee at volleyball court to honor Beverly & Tom Barden:
Ariel Cadogan, Todd Hedach, Larry & Sylvie Styron, Bill Chandler, Howard Anapolski, Deborah Dinter, Yadira Santos, Cora & Ken Siegel, Sherri & George Rogers

Contracted Services:

Cassandra Hefton, Certified Mixologist (305-746-8363), Cynthia Houppert, Ass’t

Casino Gambling Inc. (305-933-3935)  [email]

DJ / Music:
DJ tRAC • Zero Point Entertainment, Edgar Bryant (786-291-3304)   [email]

SASA African Dance Theater, Sheila McCray (786-422-3707)

Fire Dancers:
Aiyesha Ghani   [email]

Food Service:
Café Azul at Haulover Marine Ctr (305-944-1415)   [email]

Dedication plaques to Marion Hagans and Beverly & Tom Barden:
Paul Friderich

Miami-Dade County Police Department—District Six (North Miami Beach)

Technical Engineer:
John Novak • Zero Point Entertainment, Edgar Bryant (786-291-3304)

B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Staff & Volunteers:

Vincent Corrado, Bruce Frendahl, Emily Papp / Clyde Lott, Shirley Mason